Lahaina, Hawaii
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A wonderful part of living on Maui is the wonderful natural surroundings that make local living so special.A major attraction for potential home buyers, the sheer beauty of the island has become one of the area’s major selling points.In fact, many Maui homes for sale that have splendid scenic views are significantly more valuable thanks to their smart use of the Maui backdrop and scenery.As the leading whale-watching center for the Hawaiian islands, a number of whale watching excursions leave from ports around Maui, including Kahului and Lahaina.The sheltered ‘Au’au Channel that lies between the islands of Maui County harbor the graceful Humpback whales during the winter season.The whales migrate from the frigid Alaskan waters each fall to spend the winter months mating and birthing in the warmer Hawaiian waters.Although recent estimates suggest only 18,000 humpback whales remain in the North Pacific, a large portion of those whales breed in the waters just off the coasts of Maui.Maui also hosts a large rainforest on the northeastern flanks of Mount Haleakala on the eastern side of the island.Because of the rough terrain, the area has been saved from exploitation and development, making it one of the best green areas in the island chain.Along with the deserts of Haleakala and the plateaus in between, the varied geographical terrain and forms of life that make Maui unique continue to attract potential residents to the island of Maui.


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